Nearly 500% more touches makes muscle memory learning easier

No matter what age or proficiency, the Ultimate Hockey Centre was designed to develop skills and improve the performance of hockey players.

The secret is our more compact ice surface. A smaller playing surface is the key ingredient to improved skills development.

So much so, Hockey Canada recently mandated that younger players be trained on reduced size ice surfaces as a smaller playing area increases puck touches which helps increase repetition, which in turn improves and speeds up learning.

The uniqueness and effectiveness of our facility is one of the reasons it’s used throughout the year for everything from developing the basic, foundational skills necessary for youngsters in minor hockey just getting into the game to keeping NHL pros’ fresh and their skills tight in the off-season.

It’s also the reason that many of the top hockey instructors and some of the best hockey programs in BC use our facility regularly for conducting camps and on-on-one instructional clinics.

If you’d like more information on securing some one-on-one instructional time with one of our coaching partners, or to find out when our next hockey camps are taking place, give us a call at 250-769-7825 or email us at

“We develop hockey players 120 feet at a time!”

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