Hockey Skills

West Kelowna Hockey Skills Training Rink

The UHC’s 2/3 Size Rink is ideal for developing hockey skills.

  • 120′ x 55′ ice surface for improved hockey skills development

  • 4 x dressing rooms with showers

  • Scoreclock
  • Mezzanine viewing area

  • Bluetooth operated music system

  • In-Arena Video Review Capabilities on the Big Screen

  • Coaches instruction room available for rental

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Hockey Skills Matter So Size Matters!

Why does size matter? Hockey Canada has joined hockey development organizations around the world in recognizing the benefits of developing hockey skills on a smaller playing surface. Check out this article from the CBC

Or visit Hockey Canada for more information on the benefits of smaller size ice rink training.

West Kelowna ice rink rebuilding

Getting perfect ice isn’t easy!

It’s not like when your Dad use to build that backyard rink with a garden hose. The annual ice rebuild at the UHC is a precision job.

Every year, our UHC team rebuilds the arena ice, with the support our contracted rink consultants, Top Shelf Arena Services. Top Shelf are the consultants trusted to provide support to numerous NHL team facilities. And they also provide their skills to helping build the various NHL outdoor game ice surfaces. So you know they know their stuff!

Over the course of a week at the end of each Summer, we carefully scrape down our ice. Then, layer by layer, a thin mist is applied to rebuild the rink surface. The ice building process takes time and requires a team of staff working day and night.

It’s a science and demands discipline to ensure the ice comes out just right. Lay down too much water and the ice takes longer to freeze. The longer ice takes to freeze the more air bubbles get trapped inside. When ice is dehydrated (air bubbles) it becomes brittle and breaks away when blade edges dig in. Healthy, strong ice requires lengthy building, but the results are worth the time and effort!