Built for skills development

462% More Touches On Our 2/3 Ice Surface = Faster Muscle Memory Development

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Minor hockey teams, Spring leagues even NHL pros use our facility to hone their skills and stay on top of their game!


We’re not just another ice surface. The Ultimate Hockey Centre is a 2/3 size rink designed specifically for skills development.

Originally part of the National Training Rink franchise, developed by ex-Washington Capital, Montreal Canadien and Vancouver Canuck Ryan Walter, the facility was built to offer an intimate, challenging and specialized training environment for players of all ages.

Though the UHC has changed and gone through numerous incarnations over the years since the days of Ryan Walter and NTR, now under the direction of new ownership, the Ultimate Hockey Centre is returning to its roots as the only ice training facility of it’s kind between Vernon and Osoyoos.

For youngsters learning the foundational skills of the game, a smaller surface develops tighter skating skills and improved puck control. For coaches, the discipline and structure that comes with a smaller ice surface prompts greater focus from players.

For older players, nothing enhances skills better than playing on a smaller ice surface where mastering control of all aspects of the game is tested to the max.

For ice rental rates or to book ice, call us at 769-7825 or email us at monica@ultimatehockeycentre.ca.

Check out this NHL scientific analysis of U8 hockey players playing on small vs regular size ice sheets. The statistical benefits of smaller surface training are remarkable.