Play the puck more!

Improve skills faster!

3-On-3 hockey on a smaller ice sheet builds skills faster with more more passes, more receptions, more shots and more saves! In fact, the NHL has used scientific statistical analysis to compare the performance of young players on both a smaller ice sheet and a full-sized sheet and discovered that play on smaller rink sizes results in an average 462% more touches of the puck!

Smaller ice 3-on-3 is also a fast-paced, action packed and competitive style of play, perfectly suited for younger players!

Our new 3-on-3 Competitive Youth Hockey League provides players and their families an affordable, exciting and rewarding extension to the traditional Fall & Winter minor hockey season.

Our 3-on-3 league includes a full 10-week league schedule plus wrap up round-robin tournament, complete with trophy and medal presentations. Everything is provided with your registration, including team jerseys and socks, official referees, scorekeepers… you’ll even be able to follow along the entire season through online team pages, updated scores, stats and more!

No travel necessary – no costly hotel stays, no long road trips – every game is played weekday evenings, right here locally at the UHC arena!

Keep your kids active, keep their skills fresh, keep them having fun! Register online now and secure your child’s spot!

  • Note: This is a non-checking league. Only registered players will be permitted to play. Teams must register 1 goalie but anyone on the team may play in net – Every team must provide a goalie for each game or forfeit.

“When you’re in a smaller playing area, it increases the number of puck touches, it increases the number of battles for loose pucks, it increases the number of passes and pass receptions… Decrease the space, increase the pace. It does make all players better!”

-Paul Carson,

Vice-President of Membership Development

Hockey Canada


(some registrations may be accepted after the deadline subject to availability)


SPRING 2018 SEASON – APRIL 10th – JUNE 24th, 2018

Divisions available for

Novice (born 2009-2010)


TUESDAYS (5:30pm or 6:40pm)

Atom (born 2007-2008)


THURSDAYS (5:30pm or 6:40pm)


Individual Player Registration

Register just your child and request up to two additional friends with home your child would like to play.

Team Registrations

Register multiple players and create your own team! All teams must provide a coach/helper to supervise games. Final rosters must be completed by the March 1st deadline (you can register the players you have today, even if you don’t have a full roster, and add more later)! Register a full roster (9 players + 1 goalie) by the February 1st deadline and pay for 9, get the 10th player free!

(Registered teams without a full roster (9 players + 1 goalie) may have individually registered players placed on their teams after the February 1st roster deadline.)

$300 + tax

*$2,700 + tax

*$300 savings if registering a full team (10 players) – Pay for 9, get the 10th free!


  • 10 weeks of league play (1 game per week)

  • Round robin tournament (guaranteed 3 games min with trophies/medals)

  • One FREE Team Ice Rental

  • Officials & Scorekeepers supplied

  • Team jerseys & socks supplied (with names/#’s)

  • 45 minute games (3 x 15 min periods)

  • Pre-Tournament practice ice

  • Additional ice rental discounts

  • League website (with team rosters, schedule and weekly updated stats/game scores)

Registration is limited. Register now!