2018 Ultimate Spring Mens 3-On-3 League Registration Form

Fill out rows for all players being registered.

Teams must consist of a minimum 7 skaters and 1 goalie and a maximum of 9 skaters and 1 goalie. Players must be 19 or over to play!



  • Starting April 10th (Games will be scheduled Tuesday or Thursday evenings)
  • 11 - Games guaranteed including playoffs
  • Team Fee: $2300.00 includes GST 
  • First payment is due at time of registration $1300.00
  • $1000.00 Balance is due: April 30th, 2018
  • Team Fees must be paid by team captain (no individual payments will be accepted). Payments may be made by cash, debit, credit card or etransfer (etransfers should be sent to monica@ultimatehockeycentre.ca)


  • Matching Jerseys with Individual Numbers Required
  • No duplicate Numbers
  • If teams would like to purchase jerseys, contact Marc Cormier at Ultimate Hockey & Skate upstairs. (marc@ultimatehockeyandskate.ca)


  • League fee’s are to be paid in full by scheduled payment plan
  • Each Participant must sign waiver before taking ice
  • No participant will be allowed on the ice until full team fees have been paid by Team Captain
  • Each Participant is required to sign in on the scoresheet before each game
  • Team Rosters are to be turned into league prior to start of first game
  • Each Participant is required to respect the rules and regulations of the Ultimate Hockey Centre
  • Each Participant is required to be courteous and respectful to all Staff members and Officials
  • Each Team is responsible for keeping the locker rooms clean
  • No alcohol anywhere in playing area including benches
  • Player Substitutions: No team is allowed player subs if 7 or more of their rostered players are in attendance.  Team must play short.  In the event of player substitutions, the participant must be approved by the League Coordinator in advance    


  • 5 minute warm-up 
  • 2 thirty minute run time periods with scrape in between periods
  • 1 Time Out Per Game
  • Win = 2pts, Shootout Loss = 1pt, Loss = 0 pts
  • No tie games, if tied after regulation, 3 man shootout
  • If Game Is Still Tied After 3 Man Shootout, Sudden Death Shootout Will Be Played Until We Have A Winner
  • All Teams Must Be Ready To Play 5 Minutes Before Scheduled Game Time as games may start early 
  • The UHC reserves the right to change game days and times due to circumstances beyond its control. Any postponed games will be rescheduled as soon as possible and team Captains will be notified


The following criteria, in order, will be used to break a tie for any teams tied for points at the end of the regular season,

  1. The team with the most wins from any head-to-head games
  2. The team with the most wins
  3. The team with the highest goal differential (Running up scores will not help you.  Teams receive a maximum +/- 10 goals a game)
  4. Teams with the least goals against
  5. Teams with the most goals for
  6. Teams with the least penalty minutes
  7. Coin Toss


  • Player must play in at least 5 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs
  • Teams will be seeded for playoffs after 10 regular season games


  • Floating Blue Line: Once a team has gained the offensive zone on side with possession of puck the offensive zone will become centre line in
  • There is no icing rule in effect for games
  • This is a NON-checking league. Checking is not permitted 


  • The use of the stick will be limited to only playing the puck
  • The stick will not be allowed to in any way impede a player’s progress
  • The use of a free hand/arm will not be allowed to grab or impede a player’s progress
  • Players who have a positional advantage shall not lose that advantage as a result of illegal acts by the opponent
  • Players will be held accountable for acts of an intimidating or dangerous nature
  • Enforcement Standard – These penalties are to be called with very strict enforcement 
  • All Minor Penalties will result in a penalty shot for the player who the infraction occurred on. If that player is a goalie or a player not able to shoot due to injury, a player from the ice may be selected
  • In the event of coincidental minor penalties both players will be removed from ice for no less than a full minute
  • Major Penalties will result in immediate removal from the remainder of game and possible further suspension from the league


  • FIGHTING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Fighting will result in an automatic ejection from the game and automatic 2 game suspension. Note: Instigating penalties will be strongly enforced as well. Subject to the nature and severity of the incident, at its discretion, the UHC may choose to extend the the 2 game suspension to include future games. In the most severe cases involving fighting, abuse or gross negligence, a player may be suspended from the facility indefinitely, these include off-Ice offences (Example: Altercations in locker room, parking lot, etc)
  • Verbal and physical abuse of officials and arena personnel will not be tolerated and players guilty of such abuse may be ejected from the game and suspended from future play
  • All serious infractions will be reviewed following the game on a case-by-case basis by the League Coordinator, who may seek further clarification from other players, referees, scorekeeper and arena personnel
  • Depending on the nature and severity of the infraction, the League Coordinator may request an in-person meeting with the offending player(s) as a condition of return to play. The Team Captain of the offending player(s) will be required to attend
  • The length and severity of any suspension will be determined by the League Coordinator and the General Manager, at their discretion and will not be open to debate 
  • A suspended player is not permitted to play for any other team in the mens 3-on-3 league until his suspension has been served.  
  • Suspended Players are permitted to spectate games from viewing areas but are not permitted on the players' benches.  Suspended players must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.  Any inappropriate behaviour may result in further suspensions or an indefinite ban from the facility
  • No refunds will be provided to individuals who receive suspensions or are removed from league
  • AT its discretion, the UHC may review an individual's track record for offences and reserves the right to restrict players who demonstrate a history of violating league rules and policies


By submission of this registration form all players registered through this form agree to the following:

1. Assume all risk of personal injury which may result from participation in the Ultimate Hockey Centre Youth 3-On-3 League. Be advised that all Ultimate Hockey Centre on-ice play requires full equipment. All participants and helpers (coaches, assistants, etc.) are required to wear a CSA approved helmet at all times while on the ice. Children (under19) are required to wear a CSA helmet at all times while on the bench.

2. Release, indemnify, and hold harmless The Ultimate Hockey Centre, as well as all its employees, officials, agents, representatives, successors, etc. from all losses, claims, theft, demands, liabilities, causes of action, or expenses, known or unknown, arising out of participation in orattendance at the Ultimate Hockey Centre's Ultimate 3-On-3 Youth Hockey League.

3. Ensure all participants carry up-to-date private or government health insurance.

4. Be responsible for the cost of any damages caused to the Ultimate Hockey Centre facility or its equipment due to the negligence, abuse or irresponsible behavour of registered players, team helpers/coaches, parents or guests thereof.

5. To grant and release to The Ultimate Hockey Centre the right to use photographs, audio tapes, and/or videotapes in which I and/or my children appear in any materials such as videos, films, recordings, still photographs or articles relating to The Ultimate Hockey Centre, its leagues and services including, but not limited to, brochures, newsletters, annual reports or any other advertising and/or promotional materials whether broadcast on television, radio or any other medium.

6. The Ultimate Hockey Centre reserves the right, without notice to eject and/or suspend temporarily or permanently, at its discretion and without compensation or reimbursement any user of the facility for behaviour that is disrespectful, abusive and/or poses a danger to staff, other players, officials and/or other users/customers/guests and/or poses a risk of damage to the facility and/or its equipment. We expect all players and guests using the Ultimate Hockey Centre to treat the facility with the same respect and consideration they would expect observed at their own homes.

7. The Ultimate Hockey Centre reserves the right to consider, under special circumstances and at its discretion with the approval of the player's parent/guardian adjusting the placement of a player, including moving a player up or down a division when, in the UHC's judgment a player's size and/or skill level is better suited for purposes of safety and/or fair play in a younger or older age division.